How To Get Here

Arrival time is between 4.00pm and 8.00pm. Please try and book your flight so you arrive within these times. Please do not arrive before 4.00pm or book a flight that arrives late.

Below are our recommendations for UK flights to Villa Pia. **Please download the TRAVEL FAQ PDF for more detailed travel information.


Flights to Villa Pia

Ryan Air
London Stansted to Perugia (40 mins from Villa Pia)
London Stansted to Rimini (2 hours to Villa Pia)
London Stansted to Pisa and Bologna (2 hours to Villa Pia)
East Midlands to Pisa
Glasgow to Pisa

Gatwick to Florence (1 hour to Villa Pia)
Luton to Florence

City Jet
London City to Florence

British Airways
Heathrow to Pisa and Bologna

We can arrange airport pick ups and departures with a local taxi company.

You can see more airport options in our Travel FAQ PDF below, listed by the shortest drive to Villa Pia first. Generally it is more expensive to fly at busy periods. We can often accommodate guests locally for a night or two before or after your stay at Villa Pia, which is often less expensive than paying the higher cost of travelling on a Saturday. If you cannot find a direct flight from your local airport you can often change at Stansted or Frankfurt, particularly with Ryan Air.

**Remember to download the TRAVEL FAQ PDF for more detailed travel information.

We strongly recommend you have a car available to you whilst you are staying at Villa Pia. Many airlines have special deals with car hire companies, which are available to you at the time of booking.

Please refer to the contact page for links to useful websites.