Press Reviews

It’s not just our guests who have enjoyed their time with Villa Pia – we’ve also had some fantastic reviews in these magazines and newspapers:

“…the idyllic 15th-century Villa Pia’s two swimming pools, sand pit, trampoline and indoor soft play, plus kids’ cookery and art classes, mean the nippers will barely notice you’re MIA, snoozing on the terrace with an Aperol spritz.” – The Guardian newspaper (February 2018)

“Every evening we enjoy a fantastic five-course feast along a long table with a wood burner blazing in the corner. The beer and wine flow freely, the sun shines every day and there is no washing up to do. Truly we have found the big rock candy mountains – but with a lot of culture thrown in.” – Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler (October 2017)

“When I told a friend I was going to ‘some kiddie-friendly place in Umbria’, she said: ‘You’re not going to Villa Pia are you?’ in the sort of hushed, reverential tone normally reserved for religious idolatry. This is the effect the hotel has on in-the-know breeders. Its online testimonials heave with grateful parents proclaiming: ‘I actually had a holiday!’” – Absolutely Kensington Magazine (August, 2016) (Villa Pia feature on pages 86-86)

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Blogger Reviews

“Would we do it all again? Absolutely, and we’re not the only ones… We met several families who have returned time and time again. That’s the pull of Villa Pia – affordable luxury and an-all inclusive break which, for the first time since we’ve had our boy, we returned home feeling like we had a proper holiday. That, my friends, is priceless…” – Ting Dalton, My Travel Monkey

“Remember my ever-thwarted-by-children dream of lying on a sun lounger with a book and a G and T? Well, sorry-not-sorry but it actually happened, and I didn’t have to abandon my kids or enrol them in a kids club to achieve it.” – Rebecca Schiller on Charlotte Philby blog

“Food is the centre of life in Italy just as meal times are the heart of your stay at Villa Pia. You and your children are fed food that is not just gloriously delicious, it is fabulously healthy. Your kids will not just eat pizza and chips; even my veg-phobic children ate extremely healthfully and may have even acquired a taste for fennel… Once the kids are settled into bed, the staff begin to serve the parents a five course meal that every single evening is a truly enjoyable dinner party.” Laura Vogel, London Baby

“It’s a magnificent site with glorious views all around and we loved the chilled, rustic vibe of the main site. In fact we spoke with other families about how nice it was not to have to worry about the kids wrecking anything because it wasn’t filled with frills and flounces.” – Hannah Louise Saunders, Big Fish Little Fish

“There are two pools at Villa Pia and it’s heavenly swimming in such breathtaking surroundings. Both pools are heated year-round but the kids’ pool is almost like being in a jacuzzi. I climbed in with the boys and didn’t want to get out!” – Uju Asika, Babes about Town

“Don’t come here if you’re looking for the latest, snazziest toys or state of the art TVs in your room (there was no TV in the room, which I really loved). But if you’re looking for somewhere relaxed and homely where the food is restaurant quality and kids are seen as part of the furniture, then this could be your next holiday.” – Emma Ross, Mamalina

“…the dinner was A-MO-RE. A real firework. My two favorite cooks in the world, Beppa and Jessie left no questions unanswered. Every evening there were four courses. Plus wine, beer, long drinks … I have never enjoyed SO GOOD Italian cuisine… love and passion for what these two women conjured up all day in the kitchen. Jessie speaks English. If you ask her what she is serving, she is obviously proud to answer that question. And when she sees the empty plates after dinner, she asks, “What’s good, eh?” There is so much dignity, grace and passion in her presentation – I am blown away and would like to make her a marriage proposal.” – Maria Ziemann, Mini Voodoo