Discover Italy: A Sweet Taste of Genoa

Discover Italy: A Sweet Taste of Genoa

Pietro Romanengo confectioners

We often find when our guests arrive at Villa Pia they fall head over heels in love with our picturesque Umbrian farmhouse, and never want to leave!

But, of course, there is an entire country of sights and experiences to be discovered beyond our backdrop of rolling Tuscan hills.

Just three hours north-west from Lippiano, you’ll find the ancient port city of Genoa, famously the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.


Porto Genova Notte 01.jpg

Porto Genova Notte 01
Rich in history and architecture, Genoa is also a wonderful location to explore the gorgeous Italian coastline.

If you are booking your holiday at Villa Pia, you could plan to arrive in Italy a day early or perhaps spend a day or two at the beach in Genoa on your way home.

This beautiful seaside town is known for its many hidden gems, such as  Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano – one of the finest confectioners in Italy.

Pietro Romanengo

First opened in 1780, Pietro Romanengo is a family-owned shop that produces handcrafted chocolates, perfumed pastilles, and candied fruit. These are sweets to captivate the senses: think delicate sugar pastilles, made with the essence of rose, peach and marasca cherry, rose petal jam, candied citrus scented with orange blossom water, and fondants flavoured with vanilla and real violets.

Pietro Romanengo Easter decorating

Molto squisito!

Of course you can tailor your very own gastronomy tour right here at Villa Pia – find out more in our FAQ section.

And as an extra special treat for our readers, we’re giving away a jar of Pietro Romanengo’s Rose Petal Preserve. All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Best of luck!

Pietro Romanengo Rose preserve


Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano can be found in Genoa, online at and at specialty sweet shops around Europe. Image credits: 1, 4 and 5 via Pietro Romengo fu Stefano; image 2 by Alessio Sbarbaro via Wikimedia Commons; image 3 by The Justified Sinner on Flickr


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    I’ve never heard of Rose Petal jam before, it sounds like the best thing ever! In fact I’m looking down the whole page and drooling.

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